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Deval Patrick: 52% Disapprove!

According to The Boston Globe Governor Deval Patrick currently has a 41% approval to 52% disapproval rating.  his numbers are even lower among unenrolled voters with just 33% approval and 60% disapproval. Favorability:

Deval Patrick: 39% favorable, 50% unfavorable.

Tim Cahill: 39% favorable, 15% unfavorable.

Christy Mihos: 22% favorable, 33% unfavorable.

Charlie Baker: 19% favorable, 13% unfavorable. Among Registered Republicans:…

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Where is the poll?

Since the December 8th primary for United States Senate major national polling firms have done polls for United States senate races in ND, PA, MO, FL, NY, NV, IL, CO, OH and CT.  Yet nowhere have we seen a poll for the race here in MA just 3 short weeks away.  While I am delighted to see Republicans leading in…

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