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Tisei Polling Ahead

( – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno) RollCall got its hands on a poll conducted by John McLaughlin. N=400 “likely voters” Tisei: 40 percent. Tierney: 33 percent.

Tierney with net negative favorables (36+/37-)

Tisei net positive (22+/10-) Tisei has a while to go, as a third have not heard of him yet… And Brown leads Warren in the district…

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Another Scott Brown Poll

(This may also be Scott polling to see how the ads are working against him, and how to counter them.  Just saying.

– promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno) This is the second anti-Scott special interest group poll I have received.  The short story is that the League of Conservation Voters commissioned a poll to determine how effective their ad…

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Watch for Electoral Fraud this Tuesday!

You would think that in 2010, our basic constitutional right to vote and it's proper recording would be a non-issue. But based upon the September 14th election and serious election irregularities in regards to the Write-In Tally and Recording for Attorney General, I would strongly recommend that poll workers be present in the following cities and towns. Attached are 24…

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State House News Service poll: Backs up Rasmussen

(This is a REGISTERED Voter poll showing Baker 3 down.  That is a good sign. – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno) Just released from the SHNS: 40 % – Deval Patrick 37% –  Charlie Baker 9%  –  Tim Cahill 7 % –  Undecided + / – 4.8%, 400 registered voters This now reinforces the Rasmussen Poll which shows a…

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Nate Silver and FiveThirtyEight’s Calculus on Baker v. Patrick v. Cahill

(I agree FiveThirtyEight is one of the best left leaning blogs.  I don’t always agree with their conclusions, but they usually make good arguments and provide actual empirical evidence to back up their claims.  Overall, Nate Silver does a good job. – promoted by Mike “DD4RP” Rossettie) I have been following FiveThirtyEight for quite a while now. It’s a polling/statistics…

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