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Will Obama Support Our Troops Success?

( – promoted by EaBo Clipper) Senator Obama has repeatedly denied the success of the surge, credited anything but the surge for reductions in violence in Iraq, and attempted to doom it to failure before it was even fully implemented. Senator Obama in his own words:   “The surge is not working,” Obama’s old Iraq plan stated (on website). Daily…

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Military Favors Obama with Donations 6 to 1

According to CNN… When it comes to the money race, it appears Barack Obama is ahead on the battlefield. Members of the military are donating more money to Obama than to the military man John McCain. A lot more money. A nonpartisan organization called the “Center for Responsive Politics” reports U.S. troops serving abroad have given almost six times…

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Rick Barton for Congress News Feb. 4

We Can’t Afford Congress Any More Check out this frank and to the point piece by former Congressman and modern Republican Study Committee founder Ernest Istook (R-OK), shedding the light on why: We can’t afford Congress any more By Ernest Istook We can’t afford Congress. It’s driving America’s cost-of-living through the roof. Any tax cut or “economic stimulus” we might…

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Veterans Funding Remains Hijacked

Congressional Democrats Have Hijacked the Military Construction and Veterans Affairs Funding Our Troops and Veterans Are Being Used as Pawns to Further The Democrat Agenda While 8 Million Veterans Wait on Speaker Pelosi for

$37B in Promised VA Benefits
Congress Goes on Thanksgiving Recess Congressman John Tierney Remains Silent Is This Any Way to Treat America’s Heroes?  …

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The Hubbard Family

(Thank you Hubbard Family – promoted by EaBo Clipper) I would like to call the Hubbard Family to the attention of the RMG readers.  I learned of this family from a post on BMG made by someone I often disagree with but thank him for calling this family to my attention.  I also read this article about how the family…

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