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A Farewell Kiss

(Who throws a shoe? Honestly! You fight like a woman! – Austin Danger Powers. – promoted by DD4RP) El Presidente was featured today dodging footware being thrown by a greatful liberated Iraqi journalist ..

Evidently the words the journalist was  yelling translate to “here is a farewell kiss, you dog”…

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Can the Republican Party survive without its libertarian/fiscal conservative wing?

As we near Election Day it looks more and more likely that the Republican Party is going to suffer several staggering defeat across the country.  Is part of the reason for this the crack-up of the conservative coalition that has carried the Republican Party since Barry Goldwater? Have libertarians been pushed out of the party by Bible-thumping-nanny-state-loons like Mike Huckabee?…

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National Council on Public Polls

I found this PDF file that has all the polling active for the 2004 election.  It includes the state-by-state polls, including Senate races.  It’s a good read for junkies. http://www.ncpp.org/drupal57/f… For their analysis of the different polling agencies go here: http://www.ncpp.org/drupal57/f… Some interesting notes: 1) Virtually all National polls were within the Margin of error with the notable exception of…

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