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Tyler Cowan asks: What are the core differences between Republicans and Democrats?

Apparently,  Paul Krugman does not think there is a wide diversity of thought in the Republican Party.  Oddly the Democratic Party is far more rigid in my opinion on matters of orthodoxy.  (What has happened to the conservative Democrat anyway?) I would venture to say that the class divisions (Democrats  working class; Republicans capitalist class) no longer hold.  All the…

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NY Times Op-Ed: The nation is moving left

You may not agree with Mark Mellman’s piece in the New York Times today but the center-right shouldn’t ignore his message. For more than 25 years, three core questions have animated our political discourse:

• What should be the role of government?

• Should moral absolutism or moral relativism guide our actions?

• Should our foreign policy primarily pursue unilateral…

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Practical Ideology For Progressives

As a longtime advocate of the Massachusetts Republican Party developing a practical ideology as a first step in the GOP’s revitalization, I was pleased to come across this white paper posted on Commonweal Institute’s web site. Much of this paper derives from an earlier Commonweal Institute publication, “Creating Progressive Infrastructure Now: An Action Plan for Reclaiming America’s Heart and Soul,”…

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