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“You Don’t have a Right to Say No”

Just when you thought the left couldn’t go any farther in their bizarre demands in support of gender identity, there is yet a new extreme demand facing women, their comfort and safety. The liberals have embraced the #MeToo movement, but apparently a woman’s right to not be made uncomfortable by men stops at the spa (or locker room) door. In…

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One Year Later – Issues with Bathroom Law Unresolved

One year ago today, women and children in Massachusetts were forced to forfeit their rights to privacy in order to indulge the sexual “dysphoria” of others. The 2016 “Gender Identity Non-Discrimination Act” was sold to the public as necessary legislation to protect transgendered individuals from being kicked out of restaurants, hotels and hospitals. What the citizens of Massachusetts weren’t told…

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“Confidential Health Care” or Secret Abortions?

Earlier this week the legislature heard testimony on HB 2960 and SB 591 regarding encouraging children and spouses to keep important health care decisions from their families. Dubbed, Act Relative to “Confidential Healthcare” this legislation would change the law regarding explanations of benefits forms health insurance policy holders receive, and exempt abortions, birth control, or sex-reassignment activities from them. We…

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