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Stink test fails in Chelmsford

Two signatures on Jim Ogonowski’s nomination papers have been reported by the town clerk’s office in Chelmsford to the Sec. of state’s office. Two deceased people have apparently signed the form. Also, State Committeeman Peter Dulchinos was called in to the clerk’s office to question his signature. It may have been forged. This was neither confirmed nor denied by the…

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The Farm Team just got bigger

Congratulations to Eric Dahlberg who campaigned hard for a Selectman’s seat in Chelmsford.  Dahlberg campaigned hard against the Prop 2 1/2 override and both he and the anti-override forces prevailed.  Dahlberg has only been in town for 2 years, but put the work in and was unabashed in his admittance of being a Republican. Congrats Eric.…

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