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Five Things: Hughes Keeps Pressure up, Gas Tax Repeal Effort, Software Tax Repeal Effort and more

Kirsten Hughes Keeps Up Pressure on Dem Flip Floppers In yesterday’s Lowell Sun Kirsten Hughes kept up the pressure on Democratic tax flip floppers. In the middle of a summer heat wave, in an off-election year, when a royal baby and courthouse dramas captured the public’s attention, the Democrats at the Statehouse enacted massive tax increases worth at least…

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Contradicting headlines…….Compare and contrast Obama’s gun position..

Saw this headline today: “Obama to unveil Gun Control Reforms”, which details the President’s plan to issue executive orders, via the Department of Justice, to Congress that will restrict the Constitutionally protected ownership/use of firearms.  Obama knows that he won’t get legislation passed through a Republican controlled House of Representatives, so he is sidestepping the process and issuing executive orders.…

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Barack Obama’s Outrage?

Barack Obama today expressed outrage at the murder of several U.S. Consulate employees in Ciudad Juarez by narco terrorists.

Huh?  This can’t be the same Barack Obama who fessed up in his autobiography to being a big drug user.  Does Barack Obama understand where unlawful narcotics originate from?  If he doesn’t, I’ll take the liberty to inform him: Mr. President,…

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Marjorie Eagan: Legalize Pot and Tax It

Marjorie Eagan jumps headfirst into the recent discussions about the legalization of marijuana we’ve been having.  She like I is for legalization.  In today’s Boston Herald she opines that “Taxing Pot Just Makes Cents.” If we legalized nationwide, we’d save billions immediately in enforcement and jailing costs. We’d reap many billions more per year in taxes. When Harvard economist Jeffrey…

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A&E Documentary Highlights Heroin In MA Suburbs

Did you know that nearly as many people die of opiate overdose (Heroin, Oxycontin, ect) in Massachusetts each year than US soldiers killed in Iraq combat?  (In 2005, which are the latest numbers I found for Mass., 627 people died of “unintentional poisoning”- Orwellian code for drug overdose in 2005, compared to 846 American troops KIA in Iraq.) More people…

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