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What Just Happened?

The NRCC has a Devastating add that rightly lays the blame for the housing crash where it belongs, with the Democrats in Congress. John McCain should run with this issue, and ram it down the Democrats throats for the rest of this month.…

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Niki Tsongas’ Reply to Constituants ..

(More from Congressman McGovern (Socialist-Cuba) in the comments – promoted by Cool Cal) After a week of casting devestating votes on behalf of the 5th congressional district Niki has finaly written to let us know why she felt so compelled to defy her constituants and go against the advise of the concord coaltion by supporting the Pork Fed Bailout Bill…

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One Bailout Dilemma

( – promoted by Cool Cal) During the past several weeks, we have watched both houses of Congress posture and chest-thump — and at times, legislate — about the provisions of the so-called “bail-out.” There are a lot of things to argue about in the whole Wall Street vs. Main Street meme (a meme that I find grossly obtuse), but…

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