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Nice Perks

Once again we see a double standard with how movements on the right are treated versus movements on the left. We’ve had annual Tax Day Tea Party protests on the Common. We’ve held a state convention in Boston. We even had an enormous immigration protest on Boston Common (largely ignore by the media). Over 5000 people showed up today at…

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Five Things: Humason Announces, 2nd Hampden and Hampshire #s, Techies Put Dems in Sights, & more.

Don Humason (R-Westfield) announces run for the 2nd Hampden and Hampshire Senate Seat On the heels of the announcement by Senator Mike Knapik (R-Westfield) that he is resigning, his former aide, Don Humason, has announced he is going to run for the seat.   MassLive.com has the story. Rep. Donald F. Humason said he definitely will be running to succeed…

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