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Microsoft: Obama’s taxes will push jobs overseas.

Bloomberg Here in the United States the left just loves to punish businesses for employing people.  Higher taxes and more regulation lead to higher costs of employment.   Microsoft currently employs 54,552 people here in the United States.  Many of those are highly skilled, good paying jobs.  From these jobs the government also gains valuable tax revenue.  When Obama’s policies…

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The bill is due for high-tech community’s support of BHO

Silicon Valley and the rest of the high tech community were prime supporters of President Barack Obama’s campaign. Now the smart set, the info-savvy cohort is about to learn the price of their collective fawning for the sainted one. Who says taxes do not matter? June 3 (Bloomberg) — Microsoft Corp. Chief Executive Officer Steven Ballmer said the world’s largest…

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Obama Declares Economic “Mission Accomplished”

( – promoted by Garrett) Obama has declared ‘mission accomplished’ on the 100 day anniversary of his economic stimulus package.  The President claimed that it has created or saved nearly 150,000 jobs. Of course I am used to the good old days when politicians just ‘created’ jobs.  Today the liberal goofball presidents with their community organizer ‘superpowers’ get credit for…

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CPAC Notes

Since returning from DC I’ve been going through my notes and memory cards. I will be uploading some things in the next few days.

The most anticipated speakers on the second day of CPAC were Texas Congressman Ron Paul and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney. The ballrooms were filled to maximum capacity for both events and spilled into several overflow…

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Truth is stranger then fiction – European firms relocate HERE to save money, and bring their jobs

Europe is on a shopping spree – for companies in the USA due to the weak dollar.   They are also gobbling up all kinds of U.S. corporations — a trend that will be far more permanent, consequential and politically charged than Europeans’ widely noticed shopping sprees for gadgets or apartments. In fact, some of them are buying companies here…

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Renowned Economists Endorse Keith McCormic

(Go Keith Go.  Keith is a product of the Ron Paul Revolution a libertarian who has come home to our right of center party.  good luck Keith.  And who’d of thunk that a Republican in Massachusetts would have received an endorsement of a Smith College professor.  WOW! – promoted by EaBo Clipper) Thursday March 20th, State Senate candidate Keith McCormic’s…

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