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MassGOP: Veto Budget, Save Jobs

Q: How Can Governor Patrick Save 15,000 Jobs

A: Veto the Budget MassGOP Calls on Gov. Patrick to Veto Tax-Filled Budget, Relieve Burden on Families BOSTON – The MassGOP called on Governor Deval Patrick to veto the proposed state budget and save more than 15,000 jobs jeopardized by a slew of increased taxes. Such substantial taxes will cripple Massachusetts businesses…

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MassDems: In their own words.

In 2006, Massachusetts lost 900 jobs in a single month!  The MassDems were outraged and blamed 100% of the loss on Romney in the corner office, also saying it violated a campaign pledge.  They must have forgotten about their veto proof majorities is both houses.  According to the Dems, 100% of the blame lies squarely with the Governor.
More than…

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9.4 % Is Somewhat Understating Actual Unemployment

CNNMoney reports today that the unemployment figure of 9.4% is higher than expected, but it not a accurate representation of how many folks are really out of work or are “underemployed”.  I was aware that unemployment figures can only based on how many people are claiming benefits and is always understated for various reasons, but I had no idea by…

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