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Menino to Chick Fil-A: You Don’t Belong in Boston

John McKenna

RMG News Boston Mayor Thomas Menino became the latest, and so far highest profile, politician to call out Chick Fil-A’s president Dan Cathy over comments he made regarding same-sex marriage, who said allowing same-sex marriage is “inviting God’s  judgment on our nation”. Menino responded to this by telling Chick Fil-A in a letter that they will not be…

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What the Bathroom Bill Will Cost You

Liberal media types and leftist activists frequently paint a picture of division on the right between social and fiscal conservatives, Libertarians and Republicans, and Tea Partiers versus mainstream activists. Half the time, we buy into it. But rarely do issues come along, which unite all of the Rights factions in such a visible way as the Bathroom Bill (House Bill…

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Another step on a slippery slope….1st cousins marriage.

When marriage in Massachusetts became something other than ‘one man and one woman’ it seems folks other than the GLBT community wanted in on the act.  Scientific American has released a story suggesting that 1st cousins should be able to marry regardless of the increased chance of birth defects among offspring. This new insight is the result of a story…

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California can’t go back to those old DP’s

In addition to the speculation about what happens to existing same-sex marriages in California (the options are: turned into the old DP’s, voided, left standing but not ‘recognized’ in California, or, unlikely but suggested by some, still recognized but no new marriages issued), there is also the question of what prop 8 does to DP’s if they want to go…

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Here come the gay couples

Apparently, judging by the language on BMG, losing the state recognition of their relationships as marriages is so terrible as to be completely unacceptable.  They don’t have too many options, but one of them is moving to Massachusetts.  So, time to grab a broom and get those homes that have been on the market for a year looking clean…

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