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Hearing on Unconstitutional Replacement for Unconstitutional Buffer Zone Bill Today

In an Orwellian New Speak move the legislature is proposing a new buffer zone bill that doesn’t call a buffer zone a buffer zone.  Because as we know buffer zones are unconstitutional.  Massachusetts Citizens for Life, via email, alerted people to a hearing today about the legislation. Late afternoon yesterday, Planned Parenthood’s new Buffer Zone bill, (SD) 2106, was filed.…

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NARAL thinks a web graphic trumps the Supreme Court when it comes to law

Check out this hilarious tweet from the Brad Jones endorsing NARAL Mass folks, regarding the Supreme Court buffer zone decision. Nothing is more disappointing than SCOTUS not supporting the #bufferzone Retweet this graphic to #protectthezone pic.twitter.com/Xt1bBhipR0 — NARAL Pro-Choice MA (@ProChoiceMass) June 26, 2014 Yes your graphic trumps both the First Amendment and a unanimous Supreme Court decision.…

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