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Budget Update: 24 Hours to Act on Amendments

It’s a busy week.  The budget debate is underway at the State House, there are upcoming hearings, and we are holding a fundraiser on Sunday.

    In just three short days, legislators will deal with over 1,200 amendments, on everything from taxes to parental rights. Thank you to all who attended the Lyons/Lombardo press conference on MassHealth this morning. It is

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The Hubris of Boston Children’s Hospital

Last week I commented on a Facebook post, about the flu, by Boston Children’s Hospital with the following. Just don’t take your kid to Children’s for treatment.  They have a history of stealing children for psychiatric treatment. #freejustina Over the past few days I’ve noticed that I’ve been banned from commenting on their posts.  Then they had the hubris to…

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Mrs. Pelletier Denied Mother’s Day Visit with Justina

Yesterday, Deval Patrick’s Department of Children and Families, denied Justina Pelletier’s mother a visit with her daughter.     Justina’s Sister Jennifer took to Twitter to make the family’s feelings known. Happy Mother's Day Mom.. it's horrible that you can't hug and see Justina today! Such heartless people!! #FreeJustina pic.twitter.com/YqKxlZ1MzF — Jennifer Pelletier (@JennPelletier3) May 11, 2014 Fox 25 had…

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Floor Debate on Lyons/Lombardo Pelletier Amendment

The video of the budget sessions is finally up at the Mass Legislature website.  On Tuesday April 29, 2014 the House Debated an amendment filed by Jim Lyons (R-Andover) and Marc Lombardo (R-Billerica) regarding Justina Pelletier.  The amendment would have done three things: 1. Call for a complete accounting of what DCF spent on Justina Pelletier. 2. Call for the…

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Patrick Administration Releases Unification Plan for Justina Pelletier

Update:  The AP is reporting that the Pelletier Family has rejected the plan.  The AP states that the family wants justina home by 5/24/2014 her 16th birthday. Bowing to public pressure, Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick’s Health and Human Services Secretary John Polanawicz today released a reunification plan for Justina Pelletier and her parents.  The plan was released in a letter…

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Free Justina Now!

The story about Justina Pelletier is gaining more attention around the country. It is an outrage for any state facility to withhold custody of a child from her lawful parents, especially after fourteen months with no proof of wrongdoing or misconduct to justify permanent guardianship. Please visit and share this story about the Justina Case on Go Local Worcester: http://www.golocalworcester.co…

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