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CPAC Notes

Since returning from DC I’ve been going through my notes and memory cards. I will be uploading some things in the next few days.

The most anticipated speakers on the second day of CPAC were Texas Congressman Ron Paul and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney. The ballrooms were filled to maximum capacity for both events and spilled into several overflow…

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Who is crazier, me or ElectricStrawberry?

I think the state has a compelling interest to protect people from being born unethically, such as to siblings or children, or, especially, from genetic material that has been modified or engineered so that the person would not have equal origins to other people and might suffer severe health and psychological consequences.  Also, the state has an interest in preserving…

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In the News 02/03/09

Gallup:  America Rejects Obama’s Big Spending
A Gallup poll released Tuesday finds a strong majority of Americans want Congress to pass some form of stimulus, but have severe doubts about the measures currently being considered to boost the economy…. Only 38 percent of those polled favored the existing stimulus proposal….   http://www.foxnews.com/politic… Gregg out, J. Bonnie Newman in
Sources told…

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LA Times Editorial Needed Some Fixing

This part, at the end, is totally right on about his embarrassingly muddled, unworkable position: Obama claims not to support such discrimination, but his views on the issue are an embarrassing muddle; he opposed Proposition 8, California’s same-sex marriage ban, yet says unequivocally that he believes “marriage” is strictly between one man and one woman. Obama is caught up in…

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Tell Obama same-sex couples should not have equal rights

Obama apparently unveiled a broad plan on his WhiteHouse.gov website that includes the claim that same-sex couples should have equal rights to a man and a woman.  No, they should not! We can’t get distracted by talk of civil unions and DOMA’s and FMA’s that continue to ignore the question of whether same-sex couples should have equal rights.  Before we…

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ADF attorneys file suit to stop harassment of Calif. marriage amendment supporters

ADF attorneys file suit to stop harassment

of Calif. marriage amendment supporters ProtectMarriage.com suit challenges campaign finance law’s requirement

to publicly disclose identity and employer of donors giving as little as $100 SACRAMENTO, Calif. – Alliance Defense Fund allied attorneys together with ADF attorneys filed a lawsuit Wednesday on behalf of ProtectMarriage.com and the National Center for Marriage California to…

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