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Civil Liberties: More important than marriage in courting young voters

Recently, Sen. Hedlund and Rep. Fattman introduced a bill to regulate domestic drones here in Massachusetts. Coming on the heels of Rand Paul’s filibuster on the Senate floor, it seems the momentum has shifted on civil liberties issues, and more and more Americans favor Constitutional restraints on executive power and covert government action. This is an interesting development, and a…

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Gomez: “Sullivan is a flip flopper on gay marriage.”

GOP U.S. Senate candidate Michael J. Sullivan defended his shifting message regarding gay marriage tonight as Democrats and even Republican rival Gabriel Gomez blasted him for flip-flopping on the hot-button issue. Click here to read the Boston Herald’s article: http://bostonherald.com/news_o… Even in the Boston Globe, Sullivan said in his support for gay marriage the following: “I believe DOMA should be…

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In Defense of Mayor Menino

This past Thursday, Boston Mayor-For-Life Thomas Menino walked back his threat to prevent Chick-fil-A from obtaining a license to do business at a location alongside the Freedom Trail near Faneuil Hall (or anywhere else in Boston, for that matter). Menino had previously, in response to Chick-fil-A CEO Dan Cathy’s vocal opposition to gay marriage, written a letter to Cathy expressing…

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Rick joins marriage debate!

Well this is welcome news! I was browsing around on Santorum’s website to see how he’s positioning himself entering Florida. Guess what is currently at the top of his Issues page? That’s right, at the same time as the race enters Florida, Rick Santorum has entered the marriage debate. He apparently paid the $3.58 a month (“the equivalent of…

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IsThere Bias In The Media

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**                        IS THERE BIAS IN THE MEDIA?                               By: Edward P.Shallow The question of gay marriage is on the minds of conservatives and independents as the presidential campaigns intensify.  Consider after…

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