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Michelle rallies the troops, hits a homer

Michelle Obama did a good job at the convention, pleasing every part of the liberal base and tying it up nicely in the bow of family values and hard work. Whether she is credible or not doesn’t matter. Her delivery was confident and heart-felt a decent response to the Romney family. Without mentioning her husband’s opponent Mrs. Obama shot a…

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The DNC is with Newt

So are the unions. Not literally, of course.  But that is both the motivation behind and the effect of the relentless liberal assault on Mitt Romney that has only increased in intensity as Newt’s primary support grows. Here’s Boston.com, an outlet that is all too happy to disseminate anything and everything Romney-critical:

Democrats and their support groups are unrelenting…

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Coakley adviser memo: D.C. Dems ‘failed’ Coakley

(The wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round round and round. – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno) The Coakley campaign begins its heinie-covering by writing to Politico:
The Coakley campaign is bridling at finger-pointing from the White House and Washington Democrats, and an outside adviser to the campaign has provided to POLITICO a memo aimed…

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BlogTalkRadio Host, Stephanie Davis, aka BostonPatriot, will cover DNC- RNC from JP’s Doyle’s Cafe

Patriot Games Radio to Cover Democratic and Republican Political Conventions By Patriot Games Media.
Stephanie M. Davis Dated: Aug 19, 2008 Patriot Games Radio, a Boston-based Internet Radio program announces plans to cover the upcoming Democratic and Republican national political conventions. Coverage for both conventions will air live from Jamaica Plain's renown Doyle's Cafe. on air from 8-10 PM Monday…

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Reality check: It’s bad news for Republicans nationally, is Mass going to be better?

( – promoted by Patrick) Honestly the national environment is horrific for Republicans. Perhaps Bush has destroyed the national  GOP brand. The trend line is high gas prices, forget about any Spitzer blowback. People are going to get nasty, lose their minds, and try “change.” In Massachusetts with Kerry at the top of the ticket, is there any hope whatsoever?…

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