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Reports of al-Qaeda’s Imminent Demise may be Greatly Exaggerated

( – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno) America remains in the crosshairs.  http://www.adifferentamerica.com The point of contention amongst analysts is whether al-Qaeda’s current capabilities necessitate greater concern.  In ascertaining the nature of such a risk it is important to understand the changing dynamic of this lethal adversary.  The decentralized structure of today’s al-Qaeda is far different than the…

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DADT: Mend it, Don’t end it

Progressives proved with Obamacare that they wouldn’t let reality hinder the realization of their idealogical objectives. Washington is giving us a repeat performance in the spectacle otherwise know as the lame duck session of Congress with DADT; but this time it appears Republicans are lining up to help them endanger our national security. Our Constitution couldn’t be more clear in…

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December 25th was the turning point. (Commentary)

A few days after Christmas, I was visitng my father, and he told me, “Brown is going to win, that Christmas plane thing is a maor screw up by Obama.” Coakley’s attacks this week were only to get the message of the campaign off the topic of National Security. Unfortunately, it has worked and now everyone is talking about negative…

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