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Every little step you take… Google has tracked it… No really this is chilling

Forget the NSA, the data we are allowing private companies to track about us, supposedly willingly is mind boggling.  Tech Crunch alerted us to the latest data collection efforts of Google Recently.   Quick! Where were you last Tuesday at 6:35 PM? If you’re anything like me, your answer is probably along the lines of “I… have absolutely no idea.”…

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Five Things: Hughes Keeps Pressure up, Gas Tax Repeal Effort, Software Tax Repeal Effort and more

Kirsten Hughes Keeps Up Pressure on Dem Flip Floppers In yesterday’s Lowell Sun Kirsten Hughes kept up the pressure on Democratic tax flip floppers. In the middle of a summer heat wave, in an off-election year, when a royal baby and courthouse dramas captured the public’s attention, the Democrats at the Statehouse enacted massive tax increases worth at least…

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