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Health Connector Website Getting Better? Not According to Consumers on Facebook.

The folks at Massachusetts Obamacare Exchange, The Health Connector, will tell you that their website is getting better.  Someone has forgotten to tell the consumers that use the site. Red Mass Group took a look at the past week, December 1, 2013 – December 7, 2013, in Facebook posts on the Health Connector’s Facebook Fan Page. Not really ringing endorsements.…

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Initial Development Of Mass Obamacare Exchange Website 20x More Expensive than Romneycare Exchange

According to public records the recently redesigned Health Connector website, referred to as HC 2.0, cost twenty times more to develop than the initial Health Connector Exchange.  A review of public records, confirmed by Health Connector spokesman Jason Lefferts, shows that $3,449,520 was spent on initial development of the Romneycare Exchange.  The Health Connector has signed a $69M contract for…

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ObamaTurf: Over Half on Faneuil Hall Stage With Obama From Group Who Got $2.5M in OCare Grants

On October 30, 2013 President Barack Obama gave a speech at Boston’s Faneuil Hall, aimed at quelling a growing groundswell against the implementation of his signature achievement.  Behind the President were 32 people, who were billed as supporters of the Affordable Care Act.  But they were more than mere supporters, over half – by there own admission- were affiliated with…

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Analysis shows Health Connector Authority salaries greater than private sector peers

An analysis of Massachusetts Health Connector Authority salaries in comparison to those in the private sector shows Connector employees are on average making more than their private sector counterparts.  Red Mass Group was provided fiscal year 2014 Health Connector Authority salaries, by the authority on Friday November 22, 2013 and reported on them on November 24, 2013.   One of…

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ObamaCare Day 63 with the Boston Tea Party

The Greater Boston Tea Party will host

Joshua Archambault of the Pioneer Institute at

Lir Restaurant

903 Boylston Street Boston

At 8:00 PM

Monday December 2 Mr. Archambault will speak on

“The fate of young and old under ObamaCare. Is it even about health care?” This comes at a great time, soon after the Obama administration will have bungled…

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MA Health Connector 2013 Review and 2014 Projections Presentation

“Our highest priority for the upcoming home stretch is to mobilize all possible resources to ensure a seamless member transition without dropping coverage” – Helath Connector Authority Powerpoint July 11, 2013 To their credit, the Massachusetts Health Connector Authority has posted all of their board meeting materials online.  This includes a presentation given in July outlining the state of the…

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