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House Leadership’s Unprincipled Immigration Principles

The divisions marked between Establishment leaders and the grassroots demanding a Republican Party in line with its principles does not split necessarily between liberal and conservative, as much as between Big Business and Limited Government, and no issue more distinguishes these two groups than immigration reform. Already House Majority Leader Eric Cantor has outlined their immigration principles, printed in USA…

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No one says it better than Ann Coulter

You would think that with the parade of scandals in which even network news is taking an interest (and even the New York Times finds itself criticizing Barack Obama) that things were not going well for the Administration. But with Obamacare in the bag in the first half, and massive, stampede-style, F5 tornado, HERE-THEY-COME!!! amnesty about to become reality, I…

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“No immigration reform without legitimate security” by Sheriff Thomas M. Hodgson

The following was an opinion piece written by Sheriff Tom Hodgson of Bristol County and published yesterday by the Standard-Times.  The subject is the comprehensive immigration reform bill (S.744) that is having its initial votes held today in the Senate. No immigration reform without legitimate security The effort of good and decent men and women to cobble together a new…

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