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RNC Votes To Ban CNN & NBC From 2016 GOP Debates

Kudos to the Republican National Committee (RNC) for voting this week in Boston to ban CNN & NBC from participating in the 2016 Republican Presidential Primary debates. The bitchslap against the informal propaganda arm of the Democrat Party was long overdue. GOP activists can now hope that the RNC vote means the party will cease to be a media punching…

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Wesley Smith: The Time Has Come to Outlaw Human Cloning

Prominent Bioethicist Wesley J Smith says The Time Has Come to Outlaw Human Cloning Scientists recently announced that they had successfully cloned human embryos for the first time, using the same process that produced Dolly the sheep. This news constitutes an ethical earthquake. Cloning is the essential technology in the development of a plethora of other unprecedented and morally dubious…

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