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Carl Sciortino: Who Stole My Signatures?

State Representative Carl M. Sciortino Jr. says his nomination papers were sitting on his State House desk in late April. But by early May, they were gone — stolen, Sciortino contends, in an apparent act of political skulduggery. But today, a state Superior Court judge was not buying his excuse. Judge Linda E. Giles denied the Medford Democrat’s request that…

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Robbin’ Hoods

( – promoted by Cool Cal) Almost two years ago, I warned those who longed for a Democrat president to compliment a Democrat House and Senate, look no further than the great example that would be the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Start with carpetbagger Governor Deval “Together we can” Patrick and a fiscally undisciplined legislature, and the money mess was the…

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Patrick Makes Education a Winning Issue for Republicans

(“All children left behind,” the new democratic mantra?? – promoted by EaBo Clipper) An opinion piece in today’s Boston Globe highlights the Democratic Party’s current hostility to education reform, and indicates reasons why education should be a winning issue for Republican legislative candidates this year. Kathleen A. Madigan, founder and former president of the American Board for Certification of Teacher…

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Phantom of the State House

A top House lawmaker was tending to “personal business” in sunny St. Croix on Tuesday when he was mysteriously recorded voting on seven key budget measures, the Herald has learned – a blatant violation that harks back to the phantom voting scandal a decade ago. State Rep. Charles Murphy (D-Burlington) acknowledged he was in the Virgin Islands, not in the…

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Are legislative departures a canary in the coal mine?

Are legislative departures a canary in the coal mine? By GLEN JOHNSON

AP Political Writer BOSTON- Slowing home sales, rising mortgage defaults and decreased consumer spending are signs of a sputtering economy. Are legislative resignations a similar sign of trouble in the House of Representatives? Rep. Paul Casey, D-Winchester, has become the latest in the 160-member House to announce he…

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