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Senate Republicans to offer ethics amendments package

Say key reforms are missing from Governor’s bill that must be addressed BOSTON – Senate Minority Leader Richard R. Tisei announced today that the Senate Republican Caucus will be filing a comprehensive package of amendments prior to the May 14 Senate ethics debate that would close many of the loopholes that were not addressed in Governor Patrick’s version of the…

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The Bad Idea Factory springs to life yet again

The Bad Idea Factory, (a.k.a. the Massachusetts State Legislature), is up to its new old tricks yet again. Once again, a hike in the sales tax is in the wind. And its still a bad idea; I have notified my legislators NOT to go along with this. Massachusetts has a SPENDING problem, not a revenue problem. There are multiple structural…

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Legislature is getting a 5.5% pay raise

(The legislature skipped the income tax rollback in 2009.  They raised their own pay and cut ours. – promoted by DD4RP) We were told we could not afford Question One.

The governor is making major cuts to state government. Local aid may be slashed 10%. Tolls may be raised to $7. But, you know what the state can still afford…

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Massachusetts NFIB Releases Legislature Report Card

The Massachusetts NFIB PAC (National Federation of Independent Business) released their report card for members of the Massachusetts Legislature. It appears that all Republicans have scored a 100% rating, while most Democrats received a failing score. The NFIB-MA is chaired by Bill Vernon, a former Republican State Rep. and executive director of the MassGOP, who held the Bristol County seat…

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