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The Most Liberal Member of the State Senate: On MA Tax Policy

Dear Friend, My ultra-liberal opponent is at it again.  In a recent news story, Jaime Eldridge did not waste any time inaccurately criticizing my Economic Plan while failing to mention his. Please read the article HERE: http://bo.st/xfOBdw Eldridge went as far to say that “You can’t increase education spending if you reduce state revenue.”  In essence, this translates to his…

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Summary of the 10-Point Cavaretta Jobs Plan


STATE SENATE JOBS LEGISLATION: Note: For more information please visit: www.DeanCavaretta.com 1. Dean’s 2012 Jobs/Economic Plan improves the conditions for free enterprise and small business job creation in the Commonwealth. Rather than attempt to recoup prior giveaways and special tax deals to favored companies or industries, Dean’s approach is to make the state more competitive for…

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Massachusetts State House Redistricting

(Thanks MM – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno) A couple weeks later than I had hoped, I finally finished this marathon project (life got in the way again). I inputted the 2010 data for both the old and new State House districts, and I was actually pretty surprised. For most districts, there was little to no change at all.…

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Sale Tax Holiday? Don’t Do Us Any Favors!

Hey great, another supposed sales tax holiday! When is it? Well, maybe August 13-14, but we won’t really know because both the House and Senate need to vote on it. Anyone here work in retail? My wife does. Furniture sales at Crate & Barrel. Know how much business she’ll do between now and the 13th? None. Because everyone thinks they’ll…

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