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DiMasi Death Watch Begins

Today’s Eagan & Braude show featured an amusing inquiry — Jim Braude asked the listeners to bet who would be gone first: Hillary Clinton or Sal DiMasi. Braude is betting that DiMasi will resign the Speakership before Hillary quits the Presidential race. I love Jim Braude. Of course, yesterday DiMasi went public to express his indignation that anyone would question…

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Client 9 from the UES

(Let this be a lesson to all would-be politicians.  In Public Life, your Life is Public…All of It. – promoted by Cool Cal) Remember Rudy’s “perp walks”? It appears that the 21 century equivalent is the press conference with your chagrined wife standing behind you as you admit to extracurricular activities with a cabinet member/prostitute/guy in the neighboring stall. Couldn’t happen…

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