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Jim Lyons Endorses Mike Sullivan

( – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno) (Abington, MA)- U.S. Senate Candidate Mike Sullivan announced today the endorsement of State Representative Jim Lyons.  Representative Lyons is currently in his second term representing the Eighteenth Essex District “I am proud to endorse Mike Sullivan for the U.S. Senate.  Mike understands the lessons we learned from President Ronald Reagan. Mike recognizes…

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Civil Liberties: More important than marriage in courting young voters

Recently, Sen. Hedlund and Rep. Fattman introduced a bill to regulate domestic drones here in Massachusetts. Coming on the heels of Rand Paul’s filibuster on the Senate floor, it seems the momentum has shifted on civil liberties issues, and more and more Americans favor Constitutional restraints on executive power and covert government action. This is an interesting development, and a…

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Thursday Debate and Post Debate Analysis

(Two debates ib two nights – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno) Please join Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance and the Western Massachusetts media consortium for a debate in Springfield on Thursday with the Republican candidates; Dan Winslow, Gabriel Gomez and Mike Sullivan. Following the debate, there will be a Post Debate Analysis open to the public.   Please join Massachusetts Fiscal…

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My 5 Questions for Dan Winslow

(There are at least 5 questions to ask both Gomez and Sullivan, but let’s start here, with Winslow. – promoted by Paul R. Ferro) Yesterday, BNCordeiro shared a very legitimate concern he has about Dan Winslow’s candidacy in the special election, how Winslow appears to be presumptively dismissing certain constituencies that are fundamental to Republicans and to the conservative movement.…

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A Handy Chart on Our Senate Candidates

(Did you hear, Gabriel Gomez has a plan for rebooting Congress?  No?  Me either.  Somewhere, Len Alvicar is thinking “please, God, just let this week End already!”

– promoted by Paul R. Ferro) For those considering key differences between our Republican candidates for US Senate, I offer you this handy chart. Suffice it to say, my preference leans strongly toward…

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