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Vintage Weston

In the midst of the Great Debate over whether or not the Town of Weston should remain “dry” comes one of the most priceless and paradigmatic comments one could imagine: “Most people in Weston have their own wine cellars anyway.” One must dig deep to comprehend the state of mind required to make that statement seriously. Lest one believe this…

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Realtors! Beauticians! Carpenters! Almost Half a Million of You! With Poll!

( – promoted by Peter Porcupine) Cross Posted at BMG – From State House News – STATE LEAKS DATA OF 450,000
One of the week’s under-the-radar stories, announced at the same time as news broke that the toxicology reports on two firefighters killed in a West Roxbury fire contained alcohol and cocaine, was the state Division of Professional Licensure’s release…

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The Trial Courts Request Notice And Comment On GAL Standards

( – promoted by Peter Porcupine) A Guardian Ad Litem may be appointed in custody and child welfare cases in several situations.  They investigate, and report back to the judges, and often have a major impact on how a divorce is decided, or a child’s life. In situations involving young children in child welfare cases, the GALs also make what…

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