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What would you rather drive – the vehicle on the left or the vehicle on the right?

The vehicle on the left is the hybrid electric/combustion Chevy Volt.  Due to disasterous sales the price has been dropped 12.5% from a staggering  $39,995 to $34,995.  YTD Chevy has sold 11,643 Volts to customers who are supposedly clammering for alternative power vehicles – at least that is what you hear when Obama talks.  At 100K miles the battery in…

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I Want My Boston and Cambridge Parking Stickers!

With the vote by so many Dems today against an amendment requiring that one proove that they are a Mass resident to receive MA benefits I am thinking about applying for parking stickers in a wide array of cities and towns.  Will save on parking costs and who cares if I don’t live there! Who’s in for applying without residency…

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