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Six months later — state leaders see wisdom in Senate Republican Caucus reforms

( – promoted by DD4RP) Six months and a deepening fiscal crisis later, state leaders are finally seeing the wisdom in a Turnpike reform package offered this past summer by Sen. Robert Hedlund and the Republican Caucus. The Massachusetts Turnpike Authority yesterday voted to make electronic toll transponders available for free. This move echoes a proposal put forward last July…

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Fast Lane Pulls A Fast One.

Eastie drivers cry foul over low-profile toll notice

Pike spikes discounts

By Michele McPhee

Thursday, January 8, 2009 The Turnpike Authority is taking a toll on the sanity of thousands of Hub commuters after it yanked their residential discounts via a hard-to-spot postcard and then whacked their bank accounts for huge extra charges. Residents of East Boston, South Boston and…

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Bay Windows on Aloisi appointment

This popped up on my Google Reader earlier today. Hmm… Controversy overshadows historic nature of Aloisi appointment

by Ethan Jacobs

staff reporter

Bay Windows – Wednesday Dec 24, 2008 On Dec. 19 Gov. Deval Patrick made an historic appointment, naming James Aloisi, an attorney at Goulston and Storrs, as his secretary of transportation. When Aloisi is sworn in next month…

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Aloisi: the Ghost of Big Dig Past

(Welcome Senator Hedlund – promoted by EaBo Clipper) In the most puzzling move yet that I have seen two years into the Patrick Administration tenure, the governor appears poised to name former Mass. Turnpike Authority counsel James Aloisi as his new Secretary of Transportation. While Aloisi has a lengthy institutional memory of many aspects of our state transportation agencies, so…

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Bernie Cohen out?

http://www.boston.com/news/loc… Speculation that Bernard Cohen might be out as Deval’s Transportation Sec.   Anyone remember “Together We Can”?   Let’s see that list of transportation accomplishments thus far from the Administration… hrmmm… let’s see.. propose raising the tolls, puts the gas tax on the table.  No rail line to New Bedford, MBTA is in debt… hrmm……

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1958 vs 2008 Stimulus

Crossposted at http://rockefellerconservative… 500 billion. That is the number being bandied about by the Obama transition team for a new stimulus package. That is a lot of money. And to his credit, President-Elect Obama is not planning on writing a blank check either; he has some plans for all this money. The plan is for a massive infrastructure project- the…

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Toll change illegal

A key state lawmaker said yesterday that a substantial provision […] to end tolls on the Massachusetts Turnpike west of Route 128 might be illegal. Representative Joseph F. Wagner, a Chicopee Democrat who is cochairman of the Joint Committee on Transportation, said that lawyers have told him the statute governing the transfer of the Turnpike Authority to the state Highway…

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