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Oh no! IKEA pulls out of Somerville!

The cosmopolitan dream is done. IKEA to back out of long-planned development in Assembly Square. Curtatone tries to put a spin on an “impediment” removed by the Swedish furniture giant’s decision not to build. According to the Boston Globe After more than a decade of planning, furniture giant Ikea had decided not to build a second Massachusetts store at Assembly…

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Massachusetts Drivers to pay $148/year miles tax for Medford and Somerville to get a trolley?

(An oldie but goodie about the Green Line Extwnsion.  Remind me agian why this is a necessary expenditure? – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno) According to the State House News Service, the Deval Patrick administration has refused to release their February New Starts document provided to the Department of Transportation.  The News Service has obtained a copy of the…

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Tim Toomey Profile

Name: Timothy J. Toomey, Jr. Born: June 07, 1953 Voter Registration: Democratic (1971 – Present) Occupation: Politician – Cambridge School Committee Member: 1986 -1990

– Cambridge City Council: 1990 – Present

– State Representative: 1993 – Present

– Cambridge Vice Mayor: 2006 – 2008 Average Income: $138,000/Year Property: 88 Sixth Street

Cambridge, Massachusetts 02141-2015 – Purchased: March 31, 1983


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Mitza: I Am In It To Win It

It’s no secret, my friends, that I am not the only Republican candidate running for State Representative from the 26th Middlesex District. The other candidate is Thomas Vasconcelos. The difference between Vasconcelos and myself is that I am in it to win it. Recently, Vasconcelos told a reporter from the Watertown Tab that he’s just running to make sure that…

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This was clearly deliberately announced at the last minute and only to select Kerry supporters and Obots. Edward 59 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Somerville Townhall Join Senator John Kerry and discuss the issues at an open Town Hall in Somerville, MA. The seating will be on a first-come, first-served basis, so arrive early to make sure you get in! With so much interest…

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Unbelievable in Somerville: “Sciortino wins on stickers”

Only in Massachusetts. Sciortino wins. Let’s face it the Democrats have the public purse, the human services industrial complex and the unions. The gay lobby is now in full flower, mature some might call it. Old style Democrats are gone, Somerville turned into mini-Cambridge a long time. Sciortino’s effort no doubt with much support outside of the district is a…

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