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Please stop with this green insanity!

I am surprised at the number of so called Republicans on this greenie bandwagon of windmills and solar power. Not mentioning any names but they need to be ashamed at the propaganda they are buying in to and seem to be incapable of doing simple math.     Ok, the ultimate goal is we want to go all green, want…

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Is this the same Grizzly that endorsed John McCain’s Senate relection effort?

We’re hearing a lot about how Scott Brown wouldn’t cut it in Alaska because constitutional conservatives there wouldn’t stand for a “moderate” Republican. I’ll take the liberty of pointing out that the Fabulous Sarah endorsed the maverick John McCain in his current campaign for re-election. The same McCain that launched Sarah Palin onto the national stage.  …

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Please help me understand

(Is the Scott Brown Coalition already dead? Interesting questions and concerns over the unhappy activist base and their relationship with the Baker/Tisei ticket. Where will they go? Do social cons really have anywhere to go this gubernatorial election? What about libertarians? Should they just throw their token support behind the gubernatorial nominee or focus on legislative races? Oh, and what…

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A SoapBlox of their own! With GoldMassGroup.com MA Libertarians have arrived and they are pissed!

The libertarians (under the auspices of the Libertarian Association of Massachusetts Federal PAC) have a SoapBlox of their own. Gold Mass Group. George Phillies, no Paulist, unleashes scorn upon the GOP and takes different lessons away from the New York-23.

The peculiar election in New York-23, featuring a three way race between candidates of the Democratic, Republican, and Conservative…

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