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Dick Morris to Chris Christie: Drop Out Already!

Unlike Dick Morris, who has an animus toward the NJ governor, I think that Chris Christie could probably be President some day and might do a decent job.  But the time is not now as the polls indicate Christie cannot dig in for any kind of traction. Morris mistakenly believes that Christie, by embracing Obama in the aftermath of Hurricane…

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Gillespie: “The DemDebate Clarified That Many Libertarian Views Have Gone Mainstream”

Clinton, Sanders, Webb, O’Malley, and Chaffee are nobody’s ideas of small-government crusaders, but they got some things right. Source: The DemDebate Clarified That Many Libertarian Views Have Gone Mainstream – Hit & Run : Reason.com Maybe on the social issues side. Definitely not on the economics side. The libertarian moment has not arrived in any of the two major parties…

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Dean Cavaretta: It is Time for a New Mass Playbook

24 months ago, some of us involved in senior positions on the various 2010 statewide campaigns launched our website: www.NewMassPlaybook.com   Our collaboration was a sincere attempt at self-examination and determination to try and run MA Republican campaigns differently and more effectively, after all the votes were cast in the Gubernatorial Election Cycle. Now in 2012, maybe we needed to…

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