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BHI’s new study on the Proposed Tax Increases for Infrastructure and Education in the Commonwealth

(BOSTON – May 21, 2013) The current version of the state legislature’s proposed budget will diminish economic activity less than the Governor’s original House 1 proposal. This is the finding of a new study from the Beacon Hill Institute at Suffolk University. Applying its State Tax Analysis Modeling Program (STAMP), the Institute compared both budget proposals and found that the…

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BHI Forecast: State tax revenues to increase by 4.4% in FY 2012 and by 4.1% in FY 2013

(BOSTON ) -The Beacon Hill Institute at Suffolk University (BHI) estimates that Massachusetts state tax revenues will come in at $21.411 billion for Fiscal Year 2012, for a growth of 4.4% over FY 2011.  Revenues will be $22.287 billion for FY 2013, 4.1% above 2012.   David G. Tuerck, Executive Director of the Institute and Chairman of Economics at Suffolk…

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BHI’s Weekly Dispatch: Injecting the truth about higher taxes into the conversation

A tax package proposed this week by several progressive Democrats that would raise the PIT to 5.95% from 5.3%

would destroy almost 15,000 private sector jobs in Massachusetts while adding 2,600 public sector employees. This is the finding of a preliminary analysis of the tax package by the Beacon Hill Institute at Suffolk University. Using its trademark State Tax Analysis

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It’s the spending stupid, the spending!

(It’s the Spending, Stupid!

– promoted by Cool Cal) The left believes that state taxpayers have it easy and that state spending should always take precedence over tax cuts. The problem isn’t the tax cuts of the last decade, a tale spun by liberal think tanks such as the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities. It’s spending. Steve Chapman explains.…

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Renowned Economists Endorse Keith McCormic

(Go Keith Go.  Keith is a product of the Ron Paul Revolution a libertarian who has come home to our right of center party.  good luck Keith.  And who’d of thunk that a Republican in Massachusetts would have received an endorsement of a Smith College professor.  WOW! – promoted by EaBo Clipper) Thursday March 20th, State Senate candidate Keith McCormic’s…

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Pay attention to Deval Patrick’s corporate giveway

James Sturgios of the Pioneer Institute delivers a blow to the Governor’s public assistance to the biotech industry. Governor Patrick and the legislature believes they can pick winners in a volatile sector. Good luck to them. But they should be honest about using taxpayers’ money in what according to Sturgios, is a fiscal shell game.
During his campaign, Patrick said…

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