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The Bay State’s Political Regions- Breaking Down Massachusetts’ 2012 US Senate Election Results

(This is a MUST READ. – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno) This was crossposted from RedRacingHorses.com, an elections blog that really appreciates the work you guys do here at RMG!

Here’s the Boston Red Sox’s theme song by quite the Massachusetts band, the Dropkick Murphys.

My favorite Scott Brown ad, and the absolute turning point of his 2010 campaign.…

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Five Themes That Will Govern the Cavaretta-D’Arcangelo Campaign

1. Our efforts at driving the 2013 Chairman’s debate and discussion are based on Ground Game, Grassroots and Geography. 2. We feel the State Party must boost our urban competitiveness and minority outreach. It’s simple electoral math. 3. David and I will work closely with our GOP Stars and State Committee Members on commissioning a positive, Public Relations Strategy and…

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Dean Cavaretta: It is Time for a New Mass Playbook

24 months ago, some of us involved in senior positions on the various 2010 statewide campaigns launched our website: www.NewMassPlaybook.com   Our collaboration was a sincere attempt at self-examination and determination to try and run MA Republican campaigns differently and more effectively, after all the votes were cast in the Gubernatorial Election Cycle. Now in 2012, maybe we needed to…

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New article: Do contested primaries help or hurt candidates for governor in Massachusetts?

I thought the RMG community might be interested in a new article I just posted on my Mass. Numbers blog: http://massnumbers.blogspot.com/2012/11/do-contested-primaries-help-or-hurt.html Do contested primaries help or hurt candidates for governor in Massachusetts? Republicans have seen success limiting primary fights Governor Deval Patrick has said that he will not run for a third term, meaning Massachusetts will have a wide-open race…

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