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Study: Why Republicans Are Leaving The GOP

A new study entitled “Switching Behavior: Modeling Disaffiliation From The Republican Brand” suggests that self-identified Republican voters who leave the GOP do so because they’re tired of being told to vote Republican as “the lesser of two evils,” feel “betrayed” by the GOP Establishment, & seek a sense of community elsewhere. Conducted by The Frontier Lab, a conservative market research…

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Coming home? Migration to Massachusetts increases!

Studies claiming that out-migration is a signal of economic decline should always be taken with a bit of sharp skepticism. Now a study by the moving conglomerate United Van Lines is showing an opposite trend. People are moving back to Massachusetts, particularly from California. …a much-watched migration report by United Van Lines shows that, for the first time since 1987,…

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No long term benefits to full-day kindergarten

From Science Daily: Full-day Kindergarteners’ Reading, Math Gains Fade By 3rd Grade

ScienceDaily (July 16, 2008) – Children in full-day kindergarten have slightly better reading and math skills than children in part-day kindergarten, but these initial academic benefits diminish soon after the children leave kindergarten. This loss is due, in part, to issues related to poverty and the quality of…

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The “Crimigrant” Label

One of Boston MSM’s most reliable conservatives, Jeff Jacoby, writes about the relationship between illegal immigrants and crime: A new study from the Public Policy Institute of California offers significantly more substance on the topic than anything you’re likely to encounter on cable TV or in the presidential campaign. The paper, by economists Kristin F. Butcher and Anne Morrison Piehl,…

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The fruits of liberalism in the classroom

In the age of the IPod, students place little value in a common culture. I blame multiculturalism and the liberal educational establishment. Most don’t even know who Karl Marx was, nor do they care. This is a sin.
Big Brother. McCarthyism. The patience of Job. Don’t count on your typical teenager to nod knowingly the next time you drop a…

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