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America doesn’t have time for political correctness, but the Democrats certainly do!

It’s a shame that the revisionists have gotten a hold of a once great party. Shedding the tribute and the name of the renown Jefferson-Jackson breakfast/lunch/dinner tradition (now favorable in Obama’s America) shows how shallow the group-think has become among liberals. The spillover from post-secondary education has finally taken hold at the micro-level. The attack on American history resumes unabated.…

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Back To The Future Through Decentralization

Andrew Breitbart‘s insight that “politics is downstream from culture” is usually treated by right-of-center activists as a form of cocktail banter rather than as a key strategy in effectuating societal change. Breitbart’s observation came to my mind after I had read contributing New Republic editor Tim Wu‘s article “Netflix’s War On Mass Culture” published in December, 2013. The…

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Massachusetts GOP: Revitalize Or Die

Writer George Weigel had an interesting observation about Pope Francis I the man & his vision of the papacy: The move from “kept” Catholicism to evangelical Catholicism is for everyone, the pope seems convinced. “Kept” Catholicism has no future anywhere, and not just because of aggressive secularism and other corrosive cultural acids. “Kept” Catholicism has no future because it doesn’t…

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Get yourselves out of this rut, Republicans

The Democrats are in a rut where the answer to most problems is government or some quasi-government program. I once made a list for them of the great things I could think up in a minute that government hadn’t made: music





kids This is an area which I have recently read described as the space between…

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