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Trump’s Protective Tariffs Are a Bad Idea for Americans

Arlington, Va. – Presidential candidate Donald Trump’s proposed tariffs on China, Japan and Mexico would be ineffective in shielding American workers from foreign imports, since producers from other countries would export the same products to the U.S., and such tariffs could impose a regressive consumption tax of $11,000 over 5 years on the typical U.S. household, conclude researchers at Suffolk…

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Illegal immigration may be the result of NAFTA, poorly drafted legislation, and understaffing

Problem #1 – Did you know that over one million family based immigration petitions are pending?  It can take 10 years to legally enter even if you are the spouse of a legal immigrant, or the child.  There are 3,535,420 cases of approved family members petitions, which include 1,252,270 sp0ouses and minor children of legal permanent residents.  See:  http://www.dhs.gov/xlibrary/as…

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