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Cape election draws political heavyweights

By Karen Jeffrey


August 09, 2008

SANDWICH – Like two prizefighters, they take their places in the political ring warming up for the big contest in November. In one corner is the incumbent, state Rep. Jeffrey Perry, 46, a Republican who has made his reputation as a conservative’s conservative. In the other corner, the challenger: Glenn Pare, 52, a…

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Turkington opts out! What will the beautiful people do now?

Is the GOP competitive in this district? Or is this hopelessly moonbat territory?

FALMOUTH, Mass.-A Cape Cod lawmaker who has spent 20 years in the Legislature says he won’t seek re-election when his term expires later this year.

more stories like this Falmouth Democrat Eric Turkington says he’ll instead run for Barnstable County Register of Probate. Turkington says his time…

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Democrats Voting For Property Relief or A Tax Hike!!

The State Democrats are pushing through a bill that will lower Senior Citizen Property Taxes. The question is, Who will make up the difference? The below column, appeared in this weeks Cape Cod Times, and explains what the Democrats are up too along with sneaky Give All Deval. This bill will effect everyone in the State and must be defeated!!…

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