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State Rep. Randy Hunt & Gov. Charlie Baker Have Betrayed The Republican Base!

Like Governor Charlie Baker, my September 4th GOP Primary Election opponent, 5th Barnstable District State Representative Randy Hunt, has completely betrayed the Republican base! They are both Democrats masquerading as Republicans! With Hunt, his lack of addressing important matters like school safety, and his abysmal legislative voting record on significant issues like tax increases, erosion of 2nd Amendment Rights, immigration…

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Term Limits for Elected Cape Cod Regional Officials

Editor: I have recently proposed a  Barnstable County Home Rule Charter change regarding Term Limits. I formally propose that all elected Barnstable County officials be limited to serving three (3) consecutive terms in a position! Term limits would provide new people with innovative ideas to elected County office. Moreover, term limits will reduce the influence of special interests and extremist…

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Beaty Calls Upon DeLeo to Step Down as Speaker

Liberal Democrat Massachusetts House Speaker Robert DeLeo should officially step down! When elected as a Republican State Representative for the 5th Barnstable District, I shall formally make that request. Tainted legislative leadership is NOT acceptable in our General Court! There are times that our elected representatives must exhibit leadership by example, and have the courage not to simply be a…

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