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Obama signs $32.8M in Earmarks for “Kennedy Legacy” introduced by John Kerry

Congratulations you just spent $32.8 million to propagate the legacy of the Kennedy family.  The $410B supplemental spending package just signed into law by Barack Obama contained $32.8M in earmarks to celebrate the Kenendy Legacy.  Included in the package was $5.8M for the new “Edward Kennedy Institute for the Senate”, $22M for the Kennedy Library and $5M for a gateway…

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Romney on “60 Minutes”

( – promoted by Peter Porcupine) From last night’s “60 Minutes” segment on Mitt Romney, as reported by Mike Wallace — Wallace: “The rap on you, of course, is that you are too smooth, too handsome, too polished. Are you really known as ‘Matinee Mitt’ …?” Romney: “That’s the rap on you, Mike …” Wallace: “No, no, no …” Romney:…

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