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Sen. Tisei: “It’s time to run the closing credits on the film tax credit and repeal it.”

Looking past the glitter, the Senate Minority Leader takes on a sacred cow. The Department of Revenue recently released an analysis of the state’s film tax credit, revealing some interesting facts about the incentive. According to DOR, the state collects less than 18 cents for every dollar it offers in tax credits. That’s bad news for the state’s taxpayers, because…

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Outrageous Tax Policy! State Legislature Sings “Hurray for Hollywood”

The solons on Beacon Hill truly believe they can pick winners and losers in industrial policy.
BOSTON-Tax breaks designed to encourage moviemaking in Massachusetts have been so successful some state lawmakers are talking about building a studio here.

more stories like this Quincy state Rep. Ronald Mariano has a bill that would offer tax incentives for the creation of a…

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Still a bad bill, Patrick’s Biotech Giveaway

Forget about the divergence between DiMasi and Patrick. They’ve been coming together on a few things this week (corporate taxes being one). The Globe is playing up Patrick momentum. The biotech bond bill a giveaway to the favorite industry of our new industrial planning class is moving ahead after some reconciliation. It is still a bad bill. State government should…

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