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Bush administration delivers for Deval and Massachusetts

Let’s see how Morrissey Blvd. handles this “Bush- comes-to-Deval’s rescue” story. BOSTON-Massachusetts has reached an agreement with the federal government on a three-year extension of a Medicaid waiver needed to provide critical funding for the state’s landmark health care law. Gov. Deval Patrick said Tuesday the agreement secures billions of dollars more in spending authority for the state over the…

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Comrade Dubya?

( – promoted by Cool Cal) George W. Bush worships the state. From centralizing education through No Child Left Behind, to nationalizing airport security, to footing the bill for the drug problems of senior citizens, Bush's impulse is always to look to government, and not the market, for solutions. Like the song says, “Boy, you're gonna carry that weight a…

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Republican leadership

From the IHT–not exactly some whack liberal fringe group.

Sad, no? gosh, remember how it was–when he stood tall amidt the wreckage and shouted defiance, told us all to go shopping, except that we took im seriously and ran ourselves aground in credit payments?? When he said he’d “smoke ’em out,” take bin laden “dead or alive,” and all thumped…

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Comrade Bush Watch: A New Kind of Deal

Every generation has brought us at least one leader who has broken with the status quo and offered us something completly different.

In my grandparents time there was FDR and his “new deal”. My parents generation witnesed LBJ and his “great society”.

And not to be outdone we are this summer seeing  unfold, GWB and his “offer you cant refuse”.…

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