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Clinton Mass – FRAUD

Should a Gop town chair and a member of the town GOP who is also a selectman,and a GOP Chair womwn for the district have backed a Liberal Democrat Rep H Naughton over his GOP aponint J Gettens? Shold they have to resign there posts as Selectman and town Chair? Naughton the liberal won the race [poll id=” 347 “]…

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Bill Clinton’s Surplus vs. George W. Bush’s deficit – Obama got stuck with the Bush Deficit

When President Barack Obam walked into the oval office a 1.2 TRILLION deficit was waiting for him there, a gift and legacy from President George W. Bush.  The lie and challenge by a certain Texas Congressman that Obama’s deficit is ten times Bush’s deficit was blown to smithereens by FactCheck What president had the largest surplus and best record in…

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