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Can the Republican Party survive without its libertarian/fiscal conservative wing?

As we near Election Day it looks more and more likely that the Republican Party is going to suffer several staggering defeat across the country.  Is part of the reason for this the crack-up of the conservative coalition that has carried the Republican Party since Barry Goldwater? Have libertarians been pushed out of the party by Bible-thumping-nanny-state-loons like Mike Huckabee?…

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Crack-up on the right: Libertarians take ball, go home!

( – promoted by Patrick) Radley Balko and the reason magazine crowd are having a temper tantrum. It’s not pretty when the rest of the world doesn’t believe “well the free market really hasn’t been tried” motif. When people are tired they make bad decisions and that includes the libertarians cosmopolitan and other strains. Libertarians hoping for a GOP collapse…

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