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Nativity Scene Request Finally Approved

It began back in November: Rep. Jim Lyons (who has lead the charge against the Bathroom Law, and countless other left-wing proposals), filed a request with the Speaker’s office to have a Celebration of Christmas on Beacon Hill, with a Nativity Scene. Tyrone Lawless, the Speakers’ staffer in charge of building use requests, told Rep. Lyons that he’d had these…

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Business Illiteracy: Obama Adminstration believes employers write permission slips.

It has come to my attention the Obama Administration, in its endless campaign of blatant dishonesty regarding the HHS mandate, has published a permission slip it believes employers will use should moral objectors continue to insist they will not subsidize birth control. Contraception Permission Slip
“I have discussed the employee’s contraceptive options with her, and I verify the use of…

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