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Lowell Sun Expose on Mike McLaughlin

The Lowell Sun published a lengthy expose on Tim Murray’s phone pal Mike McLaughin in today’s paper.  It shows a man who exerted a great deal of power behind the scenes in his hometown of Dracut.  A man who didn’t take no for an answer.  It also reiterates that he used Lieutenant Governor Tim Murray to accomplish his designs.  From…

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Will Murray’s McLaughlin Problem Take Down Colleen Garry?

Before Tim Murray’s phone tag buddy Mike McLaughlin became a household name for his $360K housing authority salary, he was at the center of a town scandal in Dracut.  A scandal that involves Deval Patrick’s appointment of an alleged McLaughlin ally to the Dracut Housing Authority.  Colleen Garry is seen as a central player on McLaughlin’s side in the controversy…

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