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Why So Secretive Mr Zimini

 Another unreported fact in the whole Tim Murray, Mike McLaughlin, John Zimini affair is that for a long period of time after getting his new job at MassHousing, Zimini was very secretive with his constituents in Dracut.  As the Boston Globe has reported a few years ago Tim Murray, at Mike McLaughlin’s request got his friend John Zimini a job…

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Will Murray’s McLaughlin Problem Take Down Colleen Garry?

Before Tim Murray’s phone tag buddy Mike McLaughlin became a household name for his $360K housing authority salary, he was at the center of a town scandal in Dracut.  A scandal that involves Deval Patrick’s appointment of an alleged McLaughlin ally to the Dracut Housing Authority.  Colleen Garry is seen as a central player on McLaughlin’s side in the controversy…

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Broadside Appearance to Talk About Tim Murray:”McLaughlin Didn’t Appoint Housing Authority Members”

I was on Broadside with Jim Braude last night for two segments.  The first was talking about the presidential primary.  The second followed Sean Murphy of the Boston Globe’s explanation of his investigation.  I made one point that is being lost by those that say Tim Murray did nothing wrong, that this is all McLaughlin’s fault.  The point is, Mike…

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