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A pitch for a new fusionism between libertarians and ‘Political Christians’

Kevin Vallier over at Bleeding Heart Libertarian outlines an issues framework where two factions can work collaboratively. The list isn’t long but it’s compelling and underscores a substantial change in what’s termed by the mainstream as the “Christian Right.”  Vallier introduces a new term, “political Christiains.” The work on criminal justice reform is but one issue where these philosophically disparate…

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Gillespie: “The DemDebate Clarified That Many Libertarian Views Have Gone Mainstream”

Clinton, Sanders, Webb, O’Malley, and Chaffee are nobody’s ideas of small-government crusaders, but they got some things right. Source: The DemDebate Clarified That Many Libertarian Views Have Gone Mainstream – Hit & Run : Reason.com Maybe on the social issues side. Definitely not on the economics side. The libertarian moment has not arrived in any of the two major parties…

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Globe Hides Big Story of Leah Cole’s Resignation

1. an act of retiring or giving up a position.
2. the acceptance of something undesirable but inevitable. I was surprised at the spotty coverage of Peabody State Rep Leah Cole abruptly resigning her seat last week. The Boston Globe story was barely more than her press release, and omitted any mention of HOW she “unexpectedly” won her seat.…

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